Safe Start 2020

We’re committed to providing a safe start to the 2020-20201 school year in Meadows Hall. Below are a few of the ways we’re preparing for a healthy and enjoyable experience in our hall.

  • Masks are required for students and faculty in all common areas at all times.
  • Room furniture has been arranged to provide maximum spacing between roommates’ beds and desks.
  • Room inspections will continue to occur nightly, with increased expectations for cleanliness and organization.
  • Dorm meetings will occur primarily among dorm families (4-5 gentlemen and a dorm parent) rather than in whole-dorm groups.
  • Kitchen and laundry schedules have been modified to give students more access to these areas so they can observe healthy routines when preparing food and have time to wash their clothes and face coverings.
  • Students will receive nightly temperature checks after study hours.
  • Boarders are encouraged to follow health and safety routines when going on leave.
  • As we continue educating our gentlemen on our standards of Care, Compassion and Courage, just as we always have, we’ll bring topics of health as well as physical and emotional wellbeing to the forefront.

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