Back to School 2020-2021

It’s far from a normal school year, but we’re kicking off 2020-2021 with the same sense of hopefulness and responsibility as always. There’s a lot of positivity to be found in Meadows this year, and while we’re all adjusting to new expectations like masks in common areas and increased room inspections, our gentlemen are handling these challenges with grace and a solid commitment to our dorm community. They’re willing to go the extra mile to have this opportunity to live together as a Webb family.

I’m looking for a good year. I hope we all get along well and I hope we just bond together like a team, because that’s what makes a good team—when we all bond together with good chemistry.

Jordan Jenkins (Antioch, Tennessee)

We’ve welcomed many incoming gentlemen this year. Several are new to Webb and boarding life in general, but they’re building strong friendships and finding much support from those who are familiar with life in Meadows Hall. We may be missing out on some of the usual first-week campus traditions, but the hall is still bustling with activity.

Life in Meadows for me, it’s been good but it’s been an adjustment just getting used to having my own dorm, washing my clothes, leaving at certain times. But it’s been fun and I’m looking forward for the year.

Evan Eursher (Jackson, Tennessee)

A common bond that all our gentlemen share is passing the test of life in Meadows Hall, balancing the level of freedom and responsibility that comes with living in Webb’s upperclassmen dorm. Our routines, expectations, dorm family meetings and character-building programs like The Gentleman’s Primer are all structured to help gentlemen learn to navigate this balance in a way that will enrich their personal and professional life even after graduation.

I’m excited to be in Meadows this year because you got a lot of increased freedom but a lot more responsibility as well. But I think it is very becoming of a gentleman to have these responsibilities.

Harry Clark (Lexington, Kentucky)

We’re also fortunate to have the majority of male prefects living with us in Meadows this year. Our prefects come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, and each offers a unique perspective and excellent model for embracing and learning from boarding life at Webb.

I’m very excited to establish a camaraderie with the people I’m living with. Here in Meadows we’re held to a higher standard, and I’m very excited to serve as a leader for the greater Webb community. As a prefect, I hope to lead the people I live with as they strive to become Webb gentlemen.

Chandler Vargas (Birmingham, Alabama)

Looking back at our first week

Most of our attention this week has been devoted to one of our most important back-to-school traditions: getting to know our dorm families. Dorm families are groups of four or five gentlemen assigned to one of our Meadows dorm parents. These groups meet each evening when their family dorm parent is on duty in a smaller setting that allows for more bonding and deeper conversations. During our first dorm family meetings this week, gentlemen reviewed hall expectations with their family dorm parent, discussed the high and low points of the first week, and chose a mascot for their dorm family. Dorm family meetings will continue throughout the school year, providing a forum where gentlemen can talk about their joys and concerns and complete character-building activities from The Social Institute and The Gentleman’s Primer. Later in the year, we’ll begin dorm family competitions!

Below is a list of our dorm families for the 2020-2021 school year. Parents can find contact information for their gentleman’s dorm family head on our About page and are encouraged to reach out to the dorm family head as their first point of contact in Meadows.

  • Lions: Mr. Rose, Chandler, Jordan, Krish, Kevin, Roman
  • Yetis: Mr. Griggs, Feynman, Hudson, Junior, Sugri, Shawn
  • Honey Badgers: Mrs. Jensen, Cedric, Chris, Marc-Anthony, Evan P., Yaotian
  • Eagles: Mr. Simpson, Ari, Austin, Alex, Evan E., Harry

Gentlemen also completed roommate contracts this week. These contracts are meant to inspire discussion and positive communication between roommates as they share their space with people of other backgrounds, cultures and habits. This year, roommate contracts also included a space for gentlemen to make decisions about particular safety preferences within their room, like having guests and masking up.

Looking ahead

We’re very proud of our gentlemen for helping us get a new started with joy, humor and maturity. They’re already learning to live our standards of Care, Compassion and Courage, and each new week will bring experiences that deepen our gentlemen’s understanding of those standards and the role they play in a flourishing life at Webb and beyond. We’re excited to have a new revision of The Gentlemen’s Primer in print soon and will being working on that program in the next few weeks. We’ll also be kicking off birthday celebrations and quad socials soon and are discussing ways we can carry on these traditions safely.

Stay tuned for our next post, where we’ll meet this year’s dorm parents and prefects in Meadows Hall!

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