Flying Through Fall

Fall is always a beautiful and busy time at Webb, and this year is no exception! While we’re still working out safe practices for some of our fall traditions like Quad Socials, there’s plenty of activity happening in Meadows and around campus.

Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn festival is celebrated in several Southeast Asian cultures with a focus on family gatherings. At Webb, we saw digital presentations and performances from students, and our international students were treated to traditional delicacies by Mrs. Berzinskas. In Meadows, we read the legend of Chang’E and went out for a bit of moon observation, another common traditional practice for the holiday.

The Gentleman’s Primer

October is when we also begin formal work with The Gentlemen’s Primer, our character-building program that centers on our standards of Care, Compassion and Courage. During our first session, we discussed how the values and symbols of Meadows Hall fit into the bigger picture of Webb’s mission and Enduring Understandings. In dorm families, we gathered to discuss our own personal values and symbols. Next, we’ll be starting work with our standard of Care and examining how we show and build a sense of care in our shared community.

Gearing Up for Halloween

Bell Buckle is a great place to celebrate Halloween! There are things to see and do in town, just a short walk downhill from campus, and we’ll be celebrating Halloween in Meadows with dorm family pumpkin carving and treats left out for the faculty family children who trick-or-treat around campus.

Meet Our Prefects

We’re fortunate to have two in-house prefects in Meadows this year. While many of their duties occur outside of the hall as part of their service to our broader community, our prefects are a source of leadership and experience in Meadows and are always willing and eager to help all our gentlemen get their best academic and social experience at Webb.

Hello guys, I am Feynman Liu, a senior in the Webb School, from Beijing, China. This is my third year at Webb and it will be my pleasure to be a prefect in Meadows. Besides prefect, I am also the founder of the math competition club, co-founder of the computer programming club, and tutor for both of the Cascade Middle School and AP Physics at Webb. Physics and astronomy are my favorite subjects, and I plan to learn astrophysics in college. During my free time, I enjoy running, hiking, cooking, and watching movies.

Hello! My name is Chandler Vargas, and I’ll be one of your Meadows Prefects for the 2020-21 school year! I have been at Webb for four years and am in my senior year. I am from Birmingham, Alabama and have been a boarder in Chambliss for the past three years; I am so grateful to have the opportunity to live in Meadows for my final year here! I am a member of the Cross Country and Tennis team here, and am an Eagle Scout back home. I love to code, solve challenging math problems, and play video games with my fellow Meadows residents. I plan to study some form of engineering after graduating from Webb, and I hope to see the application of my work in person, as I enjoy seeing the fruition of my work. I am so excited to spend my final year at Webb in the best dorm on campus, Meadows!

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