Adhering to the expectations of our hall is a way for us to practice care for our community and our own well-being, compassion toward one another, and the courage to do things the right way.

Signing Out & Leaves

  • The main doors to the hall are set to lock automatically. Always take your key!
  • Sign out every time you leave the dorm except when going to class, the dining hall or another activity on your official school schedule.
  • You may sign yourself out to the campus area, which includes downtown Bell Buckle, and official school events like shopping trips with residential faculty. For all other locations and any leaves involving a car or overnight stay, you must submit a leave request and wait for approval before leaving.
  • Please sign out to athletic events, weekend trips, performances, and club outings.


  • Guests are not allowed in the hall during the academic day.
  • A guest should never be in the hall without a Meadows host present.
  • Ladies may visit with you in the commons when a dorm parent is present.
  • Guests must sign the guest log when they enter and leave the hall. As their host, it’s your responsibility to ensure they do so.

Laundry & Kitchen

  • Each room has a reserved cabinet in the kitchen. Food stored in the fridge and cabinets is for private use. Do not take from others without their permission.
  • Clean the kitchen and any utensils you used immediately after cooking.
  • In the laundry room, leave your laundry basket on top of the machine you’re using in case others need to remove your items.

Driving & Riding

  • Driving and riding permissions must be filed with the Dean of Students before you can drive or ride with another student.
  • Park only in the side lot near the Health Center.
  • Contact dorm parents at least two hours in advance of a driving leave to verify permissions and leave requests. Bear in mind that dorm parents have many responsibilities during the academic day and may not be immediately available to address leave requests and give keys. Plan and communicate in advance.
  • Give your key to the dorm parent immediately when you return to campus.

Prohibited Items

  • Sources of heat and flames, firearms and other weapons, tobacco and smoking paraphernalia, alcohol, and drugs of any kind (over the counter, prescription, illegal substances) are prohibited.
  • Cooking appliances must be used in the kitchen area.

Room Inspections

  • Room inspections occur nightly (Sunday through Thursday) beginning at 8:00pm.
  • On Wednesday night, remove all items from your counter and bathroom for weekly custodial clean.
  • You may not change the layout of your room, except singles 205 and 206.
  • Take advantage of dorm storage to keep your room free of excess clutter.
  • Thermostats are off premise. Tampering with them is considered a violation of premise. See a dorm parent if you’re uncomfortable.
Room Inspection Guidelines
Floor is clear with no books or papers and has been swept or vacuumed as needed. Laundry is in hamper or put away. Trash is properly disposed of. Desk is clean enough to provide a usable workspace. Bed is cleaned off.