The Gentleman’s Primer

A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out.

George Bernard Shaw

The Gentleman’s Primer is a three-week program designed to give you the opportunity reflect on the standards of our hall and how they apply to your experience at Webb, your personal life, and your future success as a young man of integrity. The Gentleman’s Primer is not a lecture or a class. It’s a discussion that relies on your personal input — sharing your thoughts and experiences with your brothers, listening to theirs, and gaining wisdom from one another.

There are three sections to The Gentleman’s Primer, each devoted to one of our standards of Care, Compassion and Courage. On Thursday nights, the Head of Dorm will introduce a section and offer some guiding thoughts. Over the weekend, you’ll consider your answers to the reflective questions that accompany the section. During the following week, you’ll sit down with your dorm family to discuss and listen to those answers. You and your dorm parent may also share additional guiding thoughts such as quotes, stories and verses from literature or scripture that speak to the topic. Once we complete all three sections, you’ll be invited to sign the Roll of Meadows Gentlemen, pledging that you will uphold these standards at school and in your daily life. You’ll be given a dedicated page in the Roll where you can write as much or as little as you wish. For many gentlemen, this is an opportunity to leave a record of what Meadows meant to them, what they learned here, and what they want to pass on to others.

Select a section below to begin your journey through The Gentleman’s Primer.


How do we show care toward a place, a community and other individuals? What does it feel like to be cared for by others, and how does it feel when you sense a lack of care? Where is your harbor?


How do we uplift others when we see they’re down? How do we recognize a need for compassion, and when do we need compassion ourselves? What is your lifesaver?


How do we do the right thing even when it’s the hardest choice? How do we encourage others to get back on track when we see them falling off the path? How do we stand up for others? What keeps you on a true course?